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Handmade Copper Product

GhoshExim is a oledest Handmade copper product service provider sinces 2000, based in India. World class copper product with lifetime Guaranteed.

Copper and its alloys, brass and bronze are naturally antimicrobial. Switching items that are often touched, and consequently increasing the chance for contamination, to copper, bronze and brass fixtures is a cost-effective way to eliminate household germs while adding to the value of the home. Throughout the house, copper bathtubs, copper sinks, bronze cabinet hardware, and brass push plates will silently fight superbugs without having to add harsh chemicals into the home environment.

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What We Sell

Handmade Copper Kitchen Sink

Handmade Copper Bath-tub with brash leg nickel finished

Handmade Copper

Handmade Copper Teapot

Handmade Copper Sink

Handmade Copper Antique finished Bathtub

Handmade Copper Planters

Handmade Copper Other Product

If your price are less then me please quote we are buy from you.

If you want your any specific design we can make same.

Our Product 99.9% Pure copper, We are give you govt. Inspaction certificate.